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Information for: Cecily, Tutor ID:20642 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Cecily
Tutor ID: 20642


Education: Degree: Master's Degree Major: Education Institution: Old Dominion University Year: 1995
Current Employment: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Current Title:
Current time in position: 5 years

Previous Employment: United States Navy
Previous Title: Naval Officer
Previous time in postion: 10 years

Tutoring experience: I hold two master’s degrees in education. I attained my undergraduate at the United States Naval Academy, and I have an ABD in doctoral work. I am passionate about educating our youth and empowering them to become future leaders who are fully capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of a global society. I am bi-lingual, English and Spanish. I am a past educator who has mentored in both elementary and middle school. I majored in general engineering and political science in undergrad. I have extensive education in math (from algebra to calculus and differential equations), science (chemistry, biology, etc.), English (composition and literature), foreign language (Spanish), and computer skills (MS functionalities). I have tutored various students in and out of school from elementary school to their final matriculation from high school. I also have extensive experience tutoring special needs children (autism and schizoaffective/bipolar disorders)

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