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Information for: Chante , Tutor ID:20192 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Chante
Tutor ID: 20192


Education: Degree: Bachelor of Arts Major: English and Art History Institution: Vanderbilt University Year: 2010
Current Employment: Hampton Center Apartments
Current Title:
Current time in position: two months

Previous Employment: Vanderbilt McGugin Athletic Center
Previous Title: Writing and General Studies Tutor
Previous time in postion: 2 years

Tutoring experience: I have tutored high school aged kids at a local high school in Nashville, as well as been paid to tutor college athletes at one of the nation's most prestigious universities. While I have spent a majority of my time tutoring in the subjects of reading comprehension, writing, and literature, I have also aided students in courses such as Greek and Roman history, sociology, and general math. Since all of my tutoring was done in either a school or college setting, I cannot provide you with any personal references, such as student or parent names. However, I have listed my supervisor's phone number above. She has reports from all of my one on one tutoring sessions.

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