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Information for: Mereze, Tutor ID:19855 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Mereze
Tutor ID: 19855


Education: Degree: Bachelors Degree Major: Biochemistry Institution: Claflin University Year: 2009
Current Employment: Claflin University
Current Title:
Current time in position: October 2006

Previous Employment: Clemson University
Previous Title: Research Associate
Previous time in postion: May-2008-Dec

Tutoring experience: I have successfully taken up jobs that required my direct interaction with people I believe I will be able to work efficiently in your program to achieve desired results. I am a recent college graduate and have taking up considerable tutor positions through my years of college.I served as a Supplemental Instruction tutor for about 4years. i helped tutor and guide freshmen, sophomores and juniors in most of their school work. I tutored in math, sciences and also english. I also was involved in extensive tutoring of K-12 through middle school and also high school students through the Upward Bound student enrichment program. I am able to interact and help students in both a professional and conducive atmosphere for learning.

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