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Information for: Sharon, Tutor ID:18927 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Sharon
Tutor ID: 18927


Education: Degree: Bachelor's of Science Major: Journalism Institution: Towson University Year: 2000
Current Employment: Sylvan Learning Center
Current Title:
Current time in position: 1 and a half

Previous Employment: Baltimore Freedom Academy
Previous Title: Long Term Substitute Teacher
Previous time in postion: 1 year

Tutoring experience: I have taught basic reading skills to students in kindergarten through second grade as well as older students. I have also utilized an integrated approach to Sylvan's beginning reading and academic reading curriculum that combines letter and word recognition, phonics and comprehension. I have taugh oral and listening skills to instill confidence and enthusiasm in students. I have also worked with older students in a variety of capacities - both in and out of the classroom.

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