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SAT Preparation

TutorFind has certified tutors available to help high school students prepare for the SAT Standardized test. We offer both small group and individual, one-on-one instruction proven to help students raise their SAT scores. On average, TutorFind students raise their overall SAT score by 100 points or more.

Private, One-on-One SAT Tutoring
Over the years, TutorFind has developed several SAT Preparation Programs to meet a variety of students' different needs. We are confident one of our options is right for you!

One-on-One SAT Test Preparation:
This intensive, personalized approach to SAT test preparation allows TutorFind instructors to focus on your specific needs in order to see significant personal improvement. Our tutors come to your home for private study sessions focusing on math, critical reading, and writing practice questions, a review of the SAT essay and math concepts, and test-taking approaches.

We Tutor Everywhere Across the Country!
TutorFind specializes in personalized, at home, private SAT tutoring. We employ tutors in most major metropolitan areas and all of our tutors are certified with years of experience. To find a SAT tutor near you, contact our main office at 1-800-64-TUTOR or search online via this web site. If we do not currently have a certified SAT tutor in your hometown, wed be happy to find one!

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For more information about our SAT Programs contact tutor@tutorfind.com or call 1-800-64-TUTOR to speak with one of our Education Counselors for a free consultation. Philadelphia PA SAT Preparation Tutor | Philadelphia PA SAT Preparation Tutoring
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Philadelphia PA Test Preparation

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