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About TutorFind

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From help with school homework to developing good study habits, TutorFind does it all!

  • www.tutorfind.com is a free on line search service
  • 1-800-64-TUTOR is a toll free connection to an experienced education counselor.
  • TutorFind provides only one on one individualized instruction.
  • TutorFind tutors are conveniently located throughout the metropolitan area and travel to students' homes.
  • All TutorFind tutors are Certified by The American Tutoring Association.

TutorFind is Experience!

TutorFind is a service available to counselors, teachers, parents and students throughout the metropolitan area. For years, TutorFind has successfully matched thousands of students in need with private, professional tutors.

Endorsed by major universities and school systems throughout the country, the TutorFind network includes hundreds of professionals with a variety of backgrounds, providing the student freedom to choose the perfect tutor for his or her needs. All tutors work in a one on one setting, creating a personalized program for each individual student.

Listing tutors with unique work and educational experiences allows TutorFind to match students who need help in basic core subjects as well as specialty subject areas such as learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, technical math and science courses and more.

TutorFind Tutors Teach Students How to Learn!

TutorFind Certified tutors certainly know their subjects. From Algebra and Chemistry to Spanish and Writing, TutorFind Certified tutors are prepared to tackle the most complex subject matter. Beyond that, however, our tutors are ready to provide students help on homework, from elementary homework help to high school homework help a TutorFind tutor knows school homework can be a major cause of stress for students. Teaching students good study habits and working on organizational and study skills are key elements to a good tutoring experience.

Once the tutoring sessions begin and goals have been set, TutorFind Certified tutors work closely with the student and school to monitor school homework, study habits and provide help on homework as needed. Well developed study skills for high school as well as middle and elementary school are very important. Most children are never taught such skills. TutorFind Certified tutors work to help students develop solid study skills.

TutorFind Education Counselors - The Personal Touch!

1-800-64-TUTOR is another tutor finding service offered by TutorFind. This toll free number puts you in direct contact with an experienced Education Counselor. Our counselors will discuss your specific needs, talk to you about problems and potential solutions and locate a tutor who can provide the services deemed necessary. All tutors listed with 800-64-TUTOR are Certified by The American Tutoring Association which means they have strong content backgrounds, extensive tutoring/teaching experience (which has been verified), provided a letter of recommendation and completed a three-tier criminal background check. All background information is available to parents should they wish to research on their own.

All tutors travel to the student's homes and provide personal programs designed to meet all identified academic needs. As well, TutorFind firmly believes a tutor is more than academic support. TutorFind hopes to provide an overall mentor who brings out the student's self confidence and pride in what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.

Finally, once tutoring begins, your TutorFind education counselor will be there to give you whatever support you may need throughout the tutoring process. 1-800-64-TUTOR is a direct link to one of the most comprehensive, personal tutor matching services available.

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