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Information for: Cynthia, Tutor ID:19910 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Cynthia
Tutor ID: 19910

Personal Information

Gender: Female
Description: First, I listen to the students’ difficulties and needs. Based on that, I explain slowly and step by step the concepts of the subject. I teach the student an efficient methodology of thinking. Before jumping to a new idea, I ask to make sure he/she understood the last one. I use visualization, diagrams and repetition when needed. Then, we get to the application. I watch the student working by him/herself at first. Then, I assist them giving my directions, corrections and suggestions. Through all the process, I answer all the students' questions. Before I leave, I ask the student if he thinks it was useful and if he has any remarks. In addition, if he wants, I give him little techniques to practice for next time. Most importantly, I teach with conscience because I truly believe that every person, given the right education methods, can succeed.

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