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Information for: Paul, Tutor ID:19739 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Paul
Tutor ID: 19739

Personal Information

Gender: Male
Description: I believe that each child learns differently and we need to know how to best address their needs.

Tutor Details

Lowest Grade Level: 6
Highest Grade Level: 10

Subjects Taught

  • Math-Algebra 1
  • Math-Middle School Math
  • Math-Probability
Tutor availability: Mon: after 4 Tue: after 4 Thu: after 4 Fri: after 4 Sat: all day Sun: all day


Education: Degree: MBA Major: Masters in Business Administration Institution: University of Houston - Clear Lake Year: 1999
Current Employment: Chesterfield County Public Schools
Current Title:
Current time in position: 2 years

Previous Employment: Richmond City Public Schools
Previous Title: Teacher
Previous time in postion: 1 year

Tutoring experience: I have been a classroom teacher for three years. My first assignment was teaching Title I math which is designed to help students who typically fail either their regular math class, their state standardized test or both. In the second half of each year, I also conducted after school tutoring. I am a licensed Middle School Math teacher.

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