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Information for: Brian, Tutor ID:19305 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Brian
Tutor ID: 19305

Personal Information

Gender: Male
Description: Current MBA student and recent college graduate. Understands the need of a personalized learning approach for your student. Works closely with parents to understand needs of the student and goals of the school. Will partner with the student to build on existing strengths to gain confidence in newer more challenged areas.

Tutor Details

Lowest Grade Level: 0
Highest Grade Level: 13

Subjects Taught

  • Social Studies-Sociology
  • Homework Help
  • Handwriting
  • English-Writing
  • English-Reading Adult
  • English-Reading
  • English-Public Speaking
  • English-Phonics
  • English-Language Arts K-6
  • English-Grammar
  • English-ESL
  • English-English
  • English-Comm.
  • Business-Marketing
  • Business Organizational Behavior
  • Business-Law
  • Business-Finance
  • Business-Economics
  • Academic Coach
  • Business - Ethics
  • Business-Communications
  • Business-Business Ad
  • Business-Advertising
  • Business-Accounting
  • Social Studies-Geography
  • Social Studies-Elem Social Studies
  • Special Education-Emotional Behavior
  • Special Education-ADD/ADHD
  • Social Studies-History
  • Math-Algebra 1
  • Social Studies-Government
  • English-Literature
  • Social Work
  • Academic Advisor
  • Social Studies-Political Science
Tutor availability: Mon: 6pm to 9pm Fri: 6pm to 9pm Sat: 4pm to 8pm Sun: 11am to 8pm


Education: Degree: Bachelor of Science Major: Interdisciplinary Studies - Minor Special Education and Management Institution: Old Dominion University Year: 2007
Current Employment: Marriott International
Current Title:
Current time in position: 17 years

Previous Employment: Stratford University
Previous Title: Adjunct Professor
Previous time in postion: 1 Year - Sti

Tutoring experience: I teach hospitality related courses at Stratford University. I have facilitated numerous training programs and roll out presentations with my current employer. I have also mentored and trained associates one on one.

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