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Information for: Belinda, Tutor ID:16669 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Belinda
Tutor ID: 16669

Personal Information

Gender: Female
Description: I like to develop a rapport with students and their families; emphasize organization and study skills; work with strengths of students.

Tutor Details

Lowest Grade Level: 4
Highest Grade Level: 9

Subjects Taught

  • English-Grammar
  • English-Public Speaking
  • Special Education-Emotional Behavior
  • English-Literature
  • English-Phonics
  • Special Education-Learning Disabled
  • Study Skills
  • English-Language Arts K-6
  • English-Reading
  • Special Education-General
  • English-Reading Adult
Tutor availability: Mon: 9-6 Tue: 9-6 Thu: 9-6 Fri: 9-6 Sat: 12-5 Sun: 12-5


Education: Degree: Master's Major: Special Education Institution: Temple University Year: 1975
Current Employment: TutorFind
Current Title:
Current time in position: Since 2006

Previous Employment: Montgomery County Public Schools
Previous Title: Special Education Teacher
Previous time in postion: 30 years

Tutoring experience: In addition to being a teacher, I provided one-on-one instruction daily in the school.

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