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Information for: Robert, Tutor ID:16621 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Robert
Tutor ID: 16621

Personal Information

Gender: Male
Description: I like to draw new information from what the student already knows rather than repeating material over and over. I am a great believer in learning styles and make every effort to tailor my teaching style to the style of the student.

Tutor Details

Lowest Grade Level: 6
Highest Grade Level: 13

Subjects Taught

  • Computer Basics
  • Computer-Basic
  • Computer-MS Office
  • Computer-Microsoft Word
  • Computer-MS Windows
  • Math-Statistics
  • Computer-Excel
  • Computer-Computer Usage
  • Internet Workshop
Tutor availability: Mon: Flexible Tue: Flexible Thu: Flexible Fri: Flexible Sat: Flexible Sun: Flexible


Education: Degree: Ph.D. Major: Psychology Institution: Fordham Year: 1969
Current Employment: Retired -- 1998
Current Title:
Current time in position: 35 years

Previous Employment:
Previous Title:
Previous time in postion:

Tutoring experience: I taught graduate and undergraduate psychology, research and statistics for 35 years. I frequently helped students outside of class and directed several hundred MA and Ph.D. dissertations.

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