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Information for: Sarah, Tutor ID:16510 Schedule work with this tutor

Name: Sarah
Tutor ID: 16510

Personal Information

Gender: Female
Description: I feel that the best way to tutor someone is to ensure that they grasp the concept of what it is they're trying to learn. I like to be able to answer "Why" when the student poses that inevitable question. It's important to tell them why, and show them how, along the way actively involving the student in the learning process. It's important to me to foster thinkers, young people who are able to analyze and apply what they've learned to different situations, not just churn out pat answers. I encourage students to think, and never spoon-feed them tables of information, and never give them a nudge with the answer hidden inside. I encourage alternate thinking and experimentation with given rules of learning. It shows that the student's brain is awake and he's actively involved in learning which, to me, is the entire point of education.

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