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Why choose a private tutor?

A+ Report Card When faced with problems in school, it's tough to know where to turn. Find out why TutorFind believes one on one tutoring is the most effective and most affordable solution!


SAT Preparation

TutorFind has developed several SAT Preparation Programs to meet students' different needs. One is right for you! All TutorFind SAT Preparation Programs are taught by TutorFind SAT Certified Tutors.


Math Tutoring

Math tutors at TutorFind are special people. Of course all of them are ATA Certified tutors. Not only are they experts in offering math help to students who need it, but they love their subject matter as well. Math tutors at TutorFind make getting algebra help, calculus help, geometry help or just basic math homework help fun and easy.


TutorFind Helps American Veterans!!

Flag TutorFind helps Veterans who are returning to school to learn a new skill. Many have been wounded and have new challenges in and out of the classroom. TutorFind's personalized approach to helping these special people allows the Veterans to get the help they need.


The education counselor was very efficient about finding a tutor who was excellent, organized and knowledgeable. I am already using TutorFind again for SAT prep for my older daughter.

C. Muth
Chicago, IL


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Kathy - Stafford, VA
My style of tutoring includes hands-on activities to help the child retain what is learned, creativity and fun in teaching the child how easy learning can be through association. I believe in making tutoring experience less stressful, like a typical class, but more of a relationship to reach a mutual goal, together. I use material certified by the state for public schools. I contact the parents of the child for an overview of the subject deficiency, and discuss the child's weakness before we meet for the session, so that I can be better prepared for the child. Once the session begins, based on the weaknesses revealed by the parent, I will proceed to teach the child how to understand and learn that subject or concept. I also will encourage follow-up sessions to ensure progression with the child. My ulimate goal is to see every child succeed!

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